Apple publishes material on how to clean MagSafe chargers

magsafe charger

Introduced in the iPhone 12 series, MagSafe, a new ecosystem of accessories, is easy to install and allows for faster wireless charging. Apple has released a support document that describes how to care for your MagSafe charger.

Basically the same care method as iPad accessories

Apple has added an item on how to clean your MagSafe charger to the “How to Care for Apple Products” page on the official website.

The MagSafe charger contains a magnet that can attract debris with daily use. Make sure the metal ring is free of debris before use.
To clean the MagSafe charger, remove it from the power source, moisten a soft lint-free cloth with a little water, and wipe the silicone in the center of the charging area.
Do not use glass cleaners, household cleaners, spray liquid cleaners, solvents, ammonia, abrasives, or detergents containing hydrogen peroxide to clean your MagSafe charger.

Many questions about MagSafe

MagSafe, which was newly introduced in the iPhone 12 series, still has many unclear points, and if you inadvertently touch the watch, the hands of the watch may get out of order, charging with MagSafe may leave a circular mark on the case, etc. , Various rumors are whispered every day.
It has also been pointed out that the MagSafe charger may not work properly on iPhone models prior to iPhone 12, and “it’s best to keep it away from single-use cards such as hotel cards,” Apple officials said.
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Source: iPhone Mania

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