Apple releases “Starless and Bible Black” video shot on iPhone 12 Pro, making


Apple has released a scientific experiment-like video and its making footage shot with the iPhone12 Pro. It is a work that brings out the performance of iPhone 12 Pro that can take vivid images even in a dark environment.

The dark world captured by iPhone12 Pro

The video “Experiments V: Dark Universe” released by Apple was shot with iPhone12 Pro, and it is strange that shimmering light, shining sand-like substance, shining and swirling liquid, etc. It is a work that summarizes the image of the atmosphere, and it is the same series as the previously released work.


“I pushed the limits of iPhone 12 Pro,” said the creator.

In the making video released at the same time, the creator said, “I wanted to push the limits of Dolby Vision and dark shooting performance of iPhone 12 Pro.”

If you look at the making video, you can see that the video like the dawn when you visited outer space was shot in a fairly dark environment.


Click here for the video

Click here for a fantastic video shot with the iPhone12 Pro.

If you watch the making behind the scenes of the production, you will be able to enjoy the main video even more.

Past “Experiments” series shot with iPhone11 Pro, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS are also available on YouTube.

Source: Apple / YouTube (1), (2)

Source: iPhone Mania

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