iPhone12 / 12 Pro, is the edge part easy to peel off? ~ Check the exhibits in the store

iPhone12 paint peeling

The iPhone 12/12 Pro, which began reservations on October 16th and went on sale on October 23rd, has been on display at stores around the world, including the Apple Store, since its release date. However, as many consumers pick it up, the paint peeling is also noticeable.

Conspicuous peeling around the edge part

The iPhone 12 series is the first in the series to support 5G, and is more popular than the usual iPhone. Not only the specifications but also the design is different from the past, so there are many consumers who want to actually check the texture with their hands.
However, depending on the store, it seems that the paint on the iPhone 12 displayed in the store has begun to peel off as early as a few days after its release on October 23. In the image, the paint has peeled off and the aluminum layer is exposed.
iPhone12 paint peeling

The peeling is mainly noticeable on the edges (four sides). Unlike the iPhones of recent years, the iPhone 12 series has a square design like the iPhone 5. However, probably because it sticks to the design like a single plate, the edge is not diamond cut like the iPhone 5, and the sharpness is noticeable. Therefore, it is thought that the angular parts are easy to touch and the paint is easy to peel off.
Unlike the aluminum housing of the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro uses stainless steel, so it is considered to be relatively durable, but fine peeling is still confirmed around the edges. Also, the metal body makes it easy to see fingerprint marks.
iPhone12 paint peeling

In addition, the paint peeling of iPhone became a hot topic in iPhone 7 black and jet black. It is recommended that interested users wear a case or keep Steve Jobs’ quote in mind.

“I think scratched stainless steel is beautiful. I wonder if we’re similar? I’ll be fifty next year. It’s the same as a scratched iPod.”
From Stephen Levy “What has the iPod changed?”

Source: Weibo, Phoenix New Media

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