Wallpaper that borders the screen of iPhone12 / 12 Pro

Mysterious iPhone wallpaper

The site “Mysterious iPhone Wallpaper”, which produces and publishes many unique iPhone wallpapers, has released new wallpapers for the new iPhone 12/12 Pro.

The shape of the screen is different even with the same 6.1 inch!

According to the site, the shape of the screen is quite different between iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 even with the same 6.1 inch.
Mysterious iPhone wallpaper

The image above is a superposition of wallpaper frames that border each screen with the same width. You can see that the iPhone 12 has a large rounded corner and a slightly smaller notch. With the new “Bordering Wallpaper” released this time, the shape of the screen of iPhone 12 will be emphasized more.

Wallpaper is 14 colors in total

There are 14 colors in total for the wallpaper, and it seems that the colors are slightly changed from the existing version according to the iPhone 12 series.
Mysterious iPhone wallpaper

Please set the wallpaper from the link below.
Border wallpaper for iPhone 12/12 Pro

Source: Mysterious iPhone Wallpaper

Source: iPhone Mania

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