iOS 14 penetration rate is 46% in about 6 weeks after release

WWDC 2020 iOS14

Approximately six weeks have passed since iOS 14 was released, and research companies have announced that the penetration rate for compatible devices has reached 46%.

Overtakes iOS 13 in penetration

About six weeks after Apple released iOS 14, the penetration rate has reached 46.4%, according to a survey by Mix Panel. At the same time, the penetration rate of iOS 13 was 46.3%, and the penetration rate of iOS 14 was slightly higher than that of iOS 13. Although the rate of increase in penetration rate is said to be slower than when iOS 13 was released, it seems that there is not much difference.
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The figures announced by the company are estimated from the access logs of the website, etc., and may differ from the figures actually announced by Apple, but there is an advantage that you can see the weekly transition. It is certain that iOS 14 will gradually spread through user installation and replacement with the iPhone 12 series.
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As the number of iOS14 users increases, the number of custom icon types that have been used since iOS14 and the apps that support the home screen widget, which is a new feature of the OS, will increase. That should make iOS 14 a more convenient, easy-to-read, and fun version of iOS.
Source: AppleInsider, Mixpanel

Source: iPhone Mania

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