Blueprint wallpaper for arranging widgets well, for iPhone 12/12 Pro

Mysterious iPhone wallpaper

The “Mysterious iPhone Wallpaper” site, which is familiar with simple but unique wallpapers, has released a wallpaper of the blueprint corresponding to the widget of iOS 14 that matches the screen of iPhone 12/12 Pro.

The same 6.1 inch but different shape

The site was released in September, and new iPhone12 and iPhone12 Pro versions of the popular widget blueprint wallpaper have been added.
The author pointed out when “Wallpaper that borders the screen of iPhone 12/12 Pro” was released, but despite the same 6.1-inch display, the shape of the screen is quite large between iPhone 11 and iPhone 12/12 Pro. Varies.

The mystery of a partial match such as the dock icon

When I put the widget blueprint wallpaper for iPhone 11 and the widget blueprint wallpaper for iPhone 12/12 Pro on top of each other, they were almost the same, but they were slightly different overall.
Mysterious iPhone wallpaper

The lock screen lock icon is particularly noticeable.
Mysterious iPhone wallpaper

However, the dock icon, the width of the lock screen notification, and the swipe open indicator were exactly the same. The author commented, “Rather, I’m wondering why it’s exactly the same.”
There are 16 types of widget blueprint wallpapers for iPhone 12/12 Pro. Please set from the link below.
Full Blueprint Wallpaper for iPhone 12/12 Pro

Source: Mysterious iPhone Wallpaper

Source: iPhone Mania

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