ELECOM releases mobile power strip compatible with USB Type-C

ELECOM power strip

ELECOM announced the power strip with a USB port on October 12th. A USB Type-C compatible model that is convenient for charging iPhones is also available.

Power strip with USB port

ELECOM power tap 2

The power strip released by ELECOM is a mobile type that can store a 25 cm cable in the main body, and has three AC outlets and two USB ports.
It is a convenient item that allows you to charge multiple devices such as PCs, iPhones, and iPads at the same time when you are on a business trip or traveling and you do not have enough outlets.
There is also a model (MOT-U13-2302WH) equipped with a USB Type-C outlet, which saves you the trouble of carrying a separate power adapter for the Lightning cable.
The USB side output is up to 12W (5V / 2.4A) in total for the model with two USB-A ports, and 15W (5V / 3.0A) in total for the model with one USB Type- and one USB-A port. Up to.

Consideration for safety when carrying

ELECOM power tap 2

ELECOM’s mobile tap can store the cord compactly on the outer circumference of the main body, and you can easily carry it in your bag.
In addition, a “dust prevention shutter” is attached to prevent dust from entering the AC outlet when not in use, reducing the possibility of dust entering even when moving a long distance in a bag.
On the other hand, since the cable length is 25 cm, it is assumed that it will be connected to a short-distance power supply such as near a desk, and Anker’s power strip with a USB-A port with a cable length of 1.4 meters and its use and destination By using it properly according to the situation, it seems that you can reduce the problem of power shortage during business trips.
Elecom’s mobile taps are sold at Amazon and consumer electronics mass retailers, and at the time of writing the article, the tax-included price of the USB Type-C equipped model is 3,678 yen for Amazon and 2,940 yen for Bic Camera.
Source: ELECOM / PR Times, Amazon, BicCamera

Source: iPhone Mania

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