Compatible with Pixel 6 and Android 16-4 upgrades delivered

Image of Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google’s Pixel 6/6 Pro, which is scheduled to be announced on October 19, is said to receive a five-year update.
I wasn’t sure about the major OS upgrades, but it seems that I can get four major upgrades.

Pixel 6 series upgraded to Android 16

According to Twitter user Snoopy (@_snoopytech_), the Pixel 6 will receive four major OS upgrades.

If this information is correct, you will be able to upgrade from the initial state of Android 12 to Android 13, 14, 15, and 16.
Snoopy claims that this information is true, as multiple sources have validated this information and the leaker’s track record is fairly certain.
For the Pixel 6 series, Google’s official Pixel 6 landing page has shown that it will receive a minimum of five years of security updates.

Becoming the longest upgradeable Android smartphone

When this happens, the Pixel 6/6 Pro will have the longest upgrade period of any Android smartphone.
Samsung offers security patches for up to 4 or 5 years (for some enterprises), but only 2-3 major Android upgrades.
Also, upgrades are always quite late.
On the other hand, with Google’s Pixel 6/6 Pro, you can expect to have four major OS upgrades and timely delivery timing.
However, Apple has also delivered the latest iOS 15 to the iPhone 6s, six years after its launch, already surpassing the Pixel 6/6 Pro in performance.
The Pixel 6/6 Pro will be announced on October 19th.

Source: Snoopy / Twitter via 9to5Google

Source: iPhone Mania

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