Yahoo launches restaurant reservation service “PayPay Gourmet” on October 27, and coupons are also distributed

PayPay gourmet notice

Yahoo has announced that it will start offering a new restaurant reservation service “PayPay Gourmet” from October 27th. As an opening campaign, coupons etc. that will return 1,000 yen will be distributed.

PayPay gourmet

PayPay gourmet

Yahoo has announced that it will start offering a new service “PayPay Gourmet” that allows you to reserve restaurants from your smartphone etc. from October 27th.
By making an online reservation for a restaurant with PayPay Gourmet, you can get a PayPay bonus depending on the conditions, and you can also use your PayPay balance for payment.
Yahoo has also announced that it will distribute coupons for PayPay bonuses at any time.

Opening campaign

PayPay Gourmet Coupon

Yahoo has announced that it will carry out an opening campaign for PayPay gourmet, and two types of coupons for 1,000 yen and 400 yen will be distributed.
The 400 yen coupon can be used at any time during business hours, but the 1,000 yen coupon is for dinner only.
By making an online reservation using a coupon and then using a restaurant, a PayPay bonus will be given at a later date.
In addition, it is also possible to select the “Ima Sugu use” service, which allocates the amount equivalent to the bonus to be granted to the food and drink charges at the store.
There is also an “SNS friend registration campaign” in which the number of coupons is increased according to the number of registered friends on LINE of the PayPay gourmet official account and the number of followers on Twitter.
Please check the official page below for details on how to follow the PayPay Gourmet official account and the details of the campaign.

  • PayPay gourmet campaign page

Source: Yahoo (1), (2)

Source: iPhone Mania

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