Should Apple Build a Stand-alone Camera?Concept image released

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Considering that the quality of iPhone cameras continues to improve, Apple may start selling stand-alone cameras soon, a user known for concept production of unreleased Apple products imaged Has been released.

Design based on the body of Apple Watch

The image of the concept device named “Apple Camera” posted by Apple Hub (@theapplehub) was created by Jaehyo Lee.

The images were posted as if Apple had never made a stand-alone camera, but some users seem to be familiar with Apple’s history.
An image of Apple QuickTake 200 is posted in the reply, “What is this?”

Apple sells digital cameras in the past

Apple launched the QuickTake 100 in 1994 as a Macintosh-only digital camera. More than a year earlier than the Casio QV-10, it is known as one of the representative models of the dawn of digital cameras. It was manufactured by Kodak.
quicktake 100

In 1997, in collaboration with Fujifilm, the QuickTake 200, an OEM of Fujifilm’s digital camera “Clip It DS-8,” was released.
Adopting a square pixel CCD designed exclusively for digital cameras, equipped with a liquid crystal display, shooting mode dial, etc., it was characterized by an appearance similar to the current digital camera, but it is an unprofitable business due to Steve Jobs’ return to Apple The digital camera business has been abolished due to the reorganization of.
Source: @ theapplehub / Twitter
Photo: Eduort ~ commonswiki / Wikimedia Commons

Source: iPhone Mania

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