Apple sells parts and tools to consumers to repair iPhones and Macs


On the evening of November 17th, Beijing time, it was reported that Apple today announced that it will begin selling spare parts and tools to the public for the first time to conduct self-service repairs on their iPhone and Mac computers.

Obviously, the “self-repair plan” was launched under the urging of consumer groups for many years. In addition to official parts and tools, Apple will also provide users with maintenance manuals.

In 2019, Apple launched a project to allow independent repair shops to purchase its parts, tools and manuals. At present, in addition to 5,000 directly authorized maintenance service providers, another 2,800 independent maintenance shops have joined the project.

According to the latest self-service plan for ordinary consumers, Apple users will be able to directly purchase these parts for self-repair after reading the manual. Apple said that initially its online store will sell about 200 parts and tools, designed to solve the most common display, battery and camera issues on the iPhone 12 and 13 models.

Eventually, the plan will also be extended to Mac computers using Apple’s M1 chip. Apple said that the price for users to purchase these parts and tools will be the same as the prices obtained by independent repair shops. Moreover, after the repair is completed, the user can also return the used parts to Apple for a discount.

Apple said the plan will be launched in the United States early next year and will be expanded to more countries later next year.

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