Where will the first smartphone with Snapdragon 8Gx Gen1 be released? ~ ZTE also participates

Nubia smartphone

Information has come out from the Nubia brand under ZTE that three types of smartphones equipped with Snapdragon 8Gx Gen1 will be released.
It is said that Xiaomi and Motorola will also release smartphones equipped with this system-on-chip (SoC), and attention is focused on which brand the first smartphone will be.

Three smartphones with Snapdragon 8Gx Gen1 from Nubia?

According to Twitter user Paras Guglani (@passionategeekz), three smartphones equipped with Snapdragon 8Gx Gen1 will be released from Nubia under ZTE.

It will be released

  • Redmagic 7
  • Redmagic 7 PRO
  • Nubia Z40

It is said to be three models.
Redmadic is Nubia’s gaming smartphone brand.

From which brand will the Snapdragon 8Gx Gen1 equipped smartphone appear for the first time?

The Snapdragon 8Gx Gen1 is Qualcomm’s next flagship SoC and is said to be announced at an event on November 30th.
There is information that Xiaomi and Motorola will announce smartphones equipped with this SoC, and it is said that Xiaomi will announce Xiaomi 12 with Snapdragon 8 Gx Gen 1 on December 12.
It’s not clear when ZTE will launch a smartphone with Snapdragon 8Gx Gen1, but one of the three companies will announce the first smartphone.

Source: Paras Guglani / Twitter via Sparrows News

Source: iPhone Mania

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