Will “Magic Wheel” be added to iPhone15?New control method

iphone15 magic wheel

A new concept video has been released that “Magic Wheel” will be adopted as a new control method for iPhone cameras.

Ignore any leak information or rumors

Antonio De Rosa and ADR Studio, known for their concept creation, have released a concept video of the iPhone 15 that ignores all leak information and rumors.
Most notable is the camera control method named “Magic Wheel”.
The Magic Wheel attached to the side of the device not only adjusts the camera lens, but also functions as a side button, allowing scrolling.

Some people have said that the concept of De Rosa is “absolutely impossible”, but since it is a concept, you can think freely.
In the past, he has also published the concept design of a device called “MagCamera” that attaches to the back of the iPhone.
Source: Cult of Mac

Source: iPhone Mania

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