An incident occurred in which stones were sold instead of the iPhone in private sale


The Akron Beacon Journal, a U.S. local newspaper, reported on November 20 that an incident occurred in which a box containing stones was sold when trying to buy an iPhone for private sale. In addition, the above image is not a photograph at the time of the actual crime, but an image image.

Crime aimed at iPhone buyers

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, the incident occurred in Akron, northeastern Ohio, USA, around 4:30 pm on Thursday, November 19, local time.
The victim woman planned to buy the iPhone for private sale through Facebook’s marketplace feature. It seems that an incident occurred when I found a person to sell it and went to see him in person, probably because of a hand-delivered transaction.
The victim paid the seller’s man on the spot and received a bag containing an iPhone box.
When I checked the contents of the box on the spot, the contents of the box were not iPhones, but just stones.
At that time, the seller had already pulled the gun out of his jacket pocket, and the woman couldn’t get the money back, resulting in the sale of stones and empty boxes instead of the iPhone.
At the time of the Akron Beacon Journal report, the culprit has not yet been found and is being called upon to provide information to local police. The specific model of iPhone that the victim woman was planning to buy has not been announced.

Apple products targeted for crime

Apple products such as the iPhone can be expensive and are often the target of crime.
In the case reported in November alone, Amazon employees have stolen about 62 million yen worth of iPhones in Spain, and about 700 million yen worth of Apple products have been robbed along with the trucks in transit in the UK.
The case in the United States seems to have highlighted the risks of buying and selling iPhones individually.
Source: Akron Beacon Journal
Photo: michela / flickr

Source: iPhone Mania

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