94-year-old man was carried into the bank for face recognition: public services need more temperature

Recently, some netizens broke the news that a 94-year-old grandmother in Guangshui, Hubei, was carried by her children in front of a bank machine to perform face recognition in order to activate her social security card. In the video exposed by netizens, the old man was hugged by his family with his knees bent and his hands on the machine, looking very strenuous. After the video was exposed, netizens quickly sparked heated discussions. The Guangshui Sub-branch of the Agricultural Bank of China where the old man was located also issued a statement later, stating that the bank “has not been properly publicized and has a low sense of service” and “had arrived in time to apologize to the elderly”.

94-year-old man was carried into the bank for face recognition: public services need more temperature

94-year-old man was carried into the bank for face recognition: public services need more temperature

In order to handle daily social security services, the 94-year-old old man needs the support of his family and self-service. This is not an easy task for the elderly, and it also makes many netizens feel bad about it. Banks use self-service kiosks to handle business. This is the need to save manpower and improve efficiency in the digital era. It is understandable. However, if you ignore the actual situation, ignore specific groups of people, and just blindly pursue intelligence, it seems a bit cold. After all, it is not difficult for young people to use their fingers to obtain self-service, but for the elderly and special people with limited mobility, it may be the “unbearable weight” in their lives, which will bring them many burdens. With the rapid development of science and technology and the rapid iteration of digital products, while the whole society is starting to accelerate, we should pay more attention to these groups trapped in the “digital siege” and use warmer policies and more humane services to alleviate their faces. The embarrassment of smart devices, rather than making technology a “stumbling block” in their lives.

“The 94-year-old was picked up to activate the social security card” was hotly discussed, reflecting the low service level and rigid policy system of some offices. For the bank, on the one hand, it did not consider people who are not familiar with smart devices. On the other hand, it did not take corresponding countermeasures for situations where it is difficult to go to the branch for business due to physical reasons, etc., and only simply and rudely eliminated the operational difficulties. To the user, this is an irresponsible performance. As a service provider, you should put the user experience first and take it as your responsibility to provide users with convenient services, instead of acting as a “hands-off shopkeeper”, or simply sticking to the existing system, ignorant of flexibility, and disregarding people’s actual needs. Especially in the treatment of special groups of people, it will test the service level of relevant institutions. Some people say that the temperature of a city or an institution is reflected in how it treats the forgotten few. For the elderly, the disabled, and other people, public services may wish to be more tolerant, have more temperature, and use more refined services and more flexible management to effectively solve their problems, so that they can feel the same in this cold wind. Warm like spring breeze.

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