Apple invites influencers to launch TikTok in earnest

TikTok Apple

Seven months after opening an official account, Apple posted its first video on TikTok.

No video posted even after opening an account in April

Apple opened an official account for the short video platform TikTok in April this year. However, since then, no video has been posted.

4 videos promoting the iPhone 12 mini

It turned out that four videos were suddenly posted last week (November 19, local time). Both emphasize how small the iPhone 12 mini is. You can think of it as being produced at the request of Apple.
The video was produced by Zach King, Kevin B. Parry, Julian Bass, and Jessica Wang, each of whom is a TikTok user with 800,000 to over 50 million followers. The number of followers on Apple’s official account has now increased to 376,900.

TikTok exclusion theory blindly

Speaking of TikTok, the Trump administration has put forth a policy banning its use in the United States unless it gives control to US companies. However, now that the district courts and others have opposed this and the re-election of President Trump has been blocked, the TikTok exclusion theory may also be dented.

Source: 9to5Mac

Source: iPhone Mania

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