Softbank launches online sales of refurbished used iPhones

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SoftBank announced that it will start “SoftBank Certified” on January 19th, which will clean and maintain used iPhones traded in and sell them at a reasonable price. iPhone8, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR will be on sale.

Clean, maintain and sell the collected iPhone

On January 14th, SoftBank announced that it will clean and maintain smartphones collected through its trade-in program and “New Advantage Support” and sell them as “SoftBank Certified” from January 19th exclusively at SoftBank online shops.
“SoftBank Certified” terminals have a battery level of 80% or more, and are inspected for appearance, function confirmation by inspection tools, cleaning by specialists, basic performance, and connection function inspection, but minor scratches and dents are performed. There may be. There is no manufacturer’s warranty.
The models sold under “SoftBank Certified” are as follows.

  • iPhone8 (64GB)
  • iPhone X (64GB)
  • iPhone XS (256GB)
  • iPhone XR (128GB)

At the time of writing this article, the selling price of the terminal has not been announced.

Softbank line contract required for purchase

A SoftBank line contract is required to purchase “SoftBank Certified”.
In addition, you cannot subscribe to “New Value Support” at the time of purchase. The benefits of “Half-price support”, “Toku support”, and “Toku support + (for subscribers before September 23, 2021)”, which are the installment payment exemption programs, cannot be used, and the installment price of the old model before replacement is not available. If you still have, you will still need to pay.
“U30 web discount” and “U30 smartphone discount” cannot be applied.
Source: Softbank

Source: iPhone Mania

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