A woman who made an emergency call with AirPods and survived

hey siri

Susan Patman of New Jersey, USA, usually wears AirPods and works in her studio to make flower arrangements, listening to music and sometimes talking with family and friends. This year, 60-year-old Patman stumbled in the studio last October and was hit by a metal pillar, but he was killed by making an emergency call via Siri on AirPods. I got rid of it.

“Hey Siri, call 911” on AirPods

Patman, who was making a large horseshoe-shaped wreath, forgot to put the box on the ground when he retreated to see the big picture. “I stumbled, jumped into the air and hit a metal pillar, so I was probably conscious of not breaking the wreath,” she told the US media People.
When he noticed, there was no one around him to call for help, and Patman, who was bleeding a lot, remembered that he was wearing AirPods. She suddenly came up with the idea that she could use Siri to call 911, and ordered “Hey Siri, call 911.”

Functions that many people do not know

“If it was 15 minutes late, I might not have been here,” Patman recalls.
A few months after the accident, she recovered to the point where she could talk to her family and friends, but she was surprised that many people didn’t know that they could make calls via Siri using AirPods. ..
If you have an AirPods Pro, AirPods (2nd generation), or AirPods (3rd generation), you can call “Hey Siri” and then immediately tell your business.
On AirPods Pro and AirPods (3rd generation), you can also configure Siri to work with the pressure sensor on the left or right AirPod axis. With AirPods (1st generation), hit the outside of one of the AirPods twice, and when the chime sounds after a while, tell the message.
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