Apple “The security update for iOS 14 was a special case”

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Until recently, Apple had given the option to stay on iOS 14 instead of upgrading to iOS 15 and continue to receive security updates, but this was only a temporary measure until the bugs in iOS 15 were fixed, Apple said. doing.

Now promotes upgrade to iOS 15

It was in June last year that Apple announced that it would allow the use of previous versions of iOS as well as the latest iOS, which is rare. This allowed users who weren’t ready to accept the new features in iOS 15 to continue to use iOS 14 while still receiving important security updates, but it was recently announced that this option was abolished. ..
Apple has told tech media Ars Technica that iOS 14 security updates have been available to provide a “grace period” for fixing bugs in iOS 15, which is only temporary. It was said that it was.
The iOS 14 security update was released until iOS 14.8.1, but now it’s urging you to upgrade to iOS 15.

Buggy iOS 15 beta

In iOS15 beta, many bugs have been reported, and even after the official version was released, there were also bugs such as “iPhone free space is running out” is displayed.
Even in January, a bug in iOS 15.2 has been reported to disable iCloud Private Relay.
Source: Ars Technica via AppleInsider
Photo: MacRumors

Source: iPhone Mania

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