Apple may stop iOS 14 security updates in the future to let more people use iOS 15

For iOS updates, Apple has given users two options for a while: stay in iOS 14, but there are also security updates; or upgrade to iOS 15. But recently they told some foreign media that choosing to continue to use iOS 14 to avoid upgrading to iOS 15 is only temporary, and their support for iOS 14 security updates has basically ended.

Apple may stop iOS 14 security updates in the future to let more people use iOS 15

Last week, there was news about the low adoption rate of the iOS 15 system. This year’s iOS 15 adoption rate is not as good as that of iOS 14/13 in the same period. One reason is that Apple will push security updates to the old system, so there is not much need for the new features of iOS 15. People don’t have to rush to iOS 15. Apple didn’t explicitly say this was a temporary option, but the company released an updated support document in September 2021 that mentioned an option to continue using iOS 14 “for a period of time,” without specifying when.

However, at present, this situation seems to be changing. If the security update for iOS 14 is gone in the future, more people will choose the iOS 15 system.

Last week, foreign media MacRumors shared the news that Apple has stopped releasing iOS 14 security updates and pushed those users who are still on iOS 14 to upgrade to iOS 15,

Apple’s last iOS 14 security update, iOS 14.8.1, was released last October, and it doesn’t look like it will be updated in the future. On iPhones running iOS 14.8, the update to iOS 14.8.1 is no longer available at all. 15.2.1 is the only update option.

Only 72% of devices have had the iOS 15 upgrade installed in the past four years, which is significantly lower adoption than previous iOS versions, so it’s no surprise that Apple is ending “temporary” support for iOS 14.

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