Are there plans to make Android apps run on Windows 10?

Microsoft Project Latte

Project Latte, a plan to make Android apps run on Windows 10, is underway and will be realized by 2021 if all goes well, Windows Central reports.

Project Latte Plan Overview

According to Windows Central, Project Latte allows Android app developers to make most of their code changes by allowing apps to be sent to the Microsoft Store using the new Microsoft-provided app packaging format, MSIX. It is planned to be able to migrate Android apps to Windows 10 without any problems.
Microsoft previously launched a project called Project Astoria in 2015 with plans to bring Android apps to Windows 10 Mobile, but the project was eventually canceled in 2018.
At Project Latte, Microsoft is likely planning to use the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) to make Android apps run on Windows 10, but to do so, it will provide its own Android subsystem. In addition to the need, Windows Central explains that this also needs to be resolved, as Google does not allow Play Developer Services to be installed on anything other than native Android devices and Chrome OS.

Can iOS / iPad OS apps be executed on MacBook with M1 chip?

It seems that iOS / iPad OS apps can be ported and executed on macOS and Macs with M1 chips, but it is up to the developers to support them, and major app developers have forgotten to support them.
Source: Windows Central via Gizmochina, Microsoft

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