Ming-Chi Kuo: Foxconn received an order for Apple’s iPhone 14 rear wide-angle lens module, and Sharp “lost”

IT House June 4 news, Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo posted on Twitter today, refuting some of the previous Korean media revelations, and saying that Foxconn won the order for Apple’s iPhone 14 rear wide-angle lens.

▼ iPhone 14 series model

iPhone 14 series model

Ming-Chi Kuo said: “A Korean media reported in late May that LG Innotek’s iPhone front camera shipments were scheduled to start early from the 2H23 iPhone 15 to the 2H22 iPhone 14 due to a recent quality issue with a Chinese manufacturer. However, this report It doesn’t quite match my understanding.”


Ming-Chi Kuo said that if LG Innotek becomes the iPhone 14 front camera supplier in 2Q22, it is almost impossible to catch up with the development progress of the iPhone 14 in 2H22. Apple is expected to have selected LG Innotek and Cowell as the front camera suppliers for the iPhone 14 by 4Q21 at the latest.


Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that Foxconn, Galway and Wingtech are the existing iPhone front camera module suppliers. Wingtech entered the supply chain after acquiring the Oufei factory. Wingtech was unable to get orders for the front camera of the iPhone 14 because it was too late to verify the new products after the acquisition of the Oufeiguang factory, rather than having recently encountered quality problems.

In addition, Ming-Chi Kuo broke the news that Foxconn did not receive orders for iPhone 14 front camera modules, but received orders for higher-end/higher ASP rear wide-angle lens modules for iPhone 14. So overall, Foxconn is one of the winners among iPhone 14 camera module makers. The real loser is Sharp, because Foxconn has won Sharp’s share of orders for rear wide-angle camera modules. Foxconn had its own camera BU before acquiring Sharp, and the camera BU and Sharp are still rivals.


IT House has learned that, according to ET News, Apple’s iPhone 14 will be equipped with a more expensive “high-end” front camera with autofocus, and will use LG Innotek’s front camera part for the first time. Reports say the new front-facing camera will cost nearly three times as much as previous iPhone models.


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