Electronic products such as Apple iPhone and Samsung mobile phones began to enter Russia through parallel import channels

IT House June 23 news, according to the Russian “Kommersant” report, Russia’s large high-tech retail chain Svyaznoy is the first Russian retailer to confirm that it has begun to introduce electronic equipment through parallel imports, including Samsung smartphones and . Watches, the latest line of iPhones, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles.

The price of electronics imported through the average is 10-20% more expensive than the normal price, the Svyaznoy company will provide a warranty on the equipment, but the cost was previously covered by the manufacturer, now it is paid by the dealer.

IT House learned that on June 22, local time, the Russian Federation Council passed the parallel import law, according to which Russia can legally import some foreign goods in parallel according to the list, and does not require the consent of the copyright owner of the goods in advance. The law was approved by the Russian State Duma on the 21st, and last month the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade published a list of goods allowed for parallel imports (commonly known as parallel imports), including audio equipment, photography and video equipment, medical tools, Apple smart Watches, musical instruments and game consoles from brands such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.

On March 30, Russian Prime Minister Mishustin announced the legalization of parallel imported goods and ordered relevant departments to formulate a list of goods.

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