The iPhone, which had been sunk in the river for 10 months, is back.Returned to the owner

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After a third party discovered an iPhone that had been sunk in the River Wye in Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England for 10 months, it was reported that its operation was restored and it was safely returned to its owner.

IPhone revived after being submerged in water for 10 months

Owain Davis dropped his iPhone on the River Wye in August 2021. Ten months later, a man named Miguel Pacheco discovered the iPhone while canoeing with his family. After Mr. Pacheco dried the iPhone, when the plug was inserted, the power was turned on and charging started.
While canoeing with his daughter, Pacheco discovered “something blue floating in the water.” He dried the iPhone with an air compressor and left it in the drying cupboard overnight. “I couldn’t believe it when I charged it the next morning,” he said. The iPhone’s screen saver displayed the date of August 13 when Davis dropped his cell phone and photos of men and women.
Fortunately, the screensaver photo was Davis’s own, so Pacheco shared the photo on social media, and eventually Davis’s friends noticed it. Davis was surprised that Pacheco made such an effort for himself. “I would bring it to a nearby pub. I don’t think it would be dried and dismantled with an air compressor,” he said.
The iPhone has been waterproof for many years, but there is no guarantee that it will work properly after being submerged in water for as long as 10 months.
Source: BBC via iMore

Source: iPhone Mania

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