The new version of iOS 16 is released: Apple makes the lock screen more personalized and comprehensively improves performance

Although the official version is still early, Apple has released the second beta version of iOS 16. What improvements are there in this update?

From the details compiled by the developers, Apple has added some new features, while also optimizing the performance of the entire system, fixing bugs, and improving performance.

Apple has made the lock screen more personal, adding two new color overlays, up from black and white before. Duotone and Wash are now added, and if you select a photo as your wallpaper, Apple now offers a two-finger swipe to cut the photo to fit the screen better.

In addition, in the setting options, the wallpaper section adds an edit button to the main screen and lock screen wallpaper, so that users can more clearly see where the wallpaper is edited. Of course, you can also swipe up to delete a lock screen theme .

In addition, in the new system backup, iPhone and iPad users can perform backup under the LTE network. Previously, backup was only supported under the 5G and Wi-Fi network. Apple added backing up devices under 5G networks in iOS 15, and in iOS 16 beta 2, it supports backing up under LTE networks.

Developers can classify text messages, for example, sub-category transaction reminder text messages and promotional text messages, which is convenient for users to manage text messages. At the same time, after taking screenshots, the function of saving to quick memo is added.




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