Changes in mood and other people's evaluation with smartphone battery level

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Sunny days are cheerful, rainy days are depressing-the weather is likely to be influenced by all countries. However, the daily mood is also affected by the remaining battery level of the smartphone.

Anxiety when the remaining battery charge falls below 50%

The Cass Business School at the University of London City announced a study on how the shape of the battery icon displayed on the smartphone affects how time and space are perceived, and how the remaining battery level defines identity. did.

Dr. Thomas Robinson, who led the research team, said, “People no longer care about destinations 10 km away or 10 stations away on the subway. They care about 50% battery life being lost.” Talk. In the interview survey with the subject, the battery full tank display causes feelings such as “ you can go anywhere and do anything '', while when the display divides 50%, you hear voices such as “ I am driven by intense anxiety and discomfort '' It was.

Certainly, for modern people, smartphones are more than just a means of communication. Maps, wallets, videos, games, diaries, banks … If everything is directly connected to your device, it's no wonder that the battery display looks like a lifeline.

Many of the daily activities are regulated by the battery of the smartphone, such as who sleeps on the side of the bed and whether there is a charging spot at the shop.

Do people with battery management have a low social reputation?

Research has shown that battery management is relevant to the analysis of self and others.

Subjects who monitored the battery level and took measures to maintain it at a high level tended to self-analyze themselves as “control freaks” and “somewhat obsessive-compulsive disorder”. On the other hand, they evaluated the people who continued to use until the remaining amount was exhausted as “severely frustrating”, “gudagda”, and “dignity”.

In response to these results, we found that people who deplete the battery are seen by others as 'people who are indifferent to the norms of the world, so they cannot become competent members in society.' Says Dr. Robinson.

The series of studies is based on interviews, and conclusions will require further analysis from various perspectives. However, considering that the drive time of the iPhone 11 series, which has increased significantly, has become a hot topic, there should be few users who feel that the results of this research are wrong.

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