Renesas’s strong performance-Sales increased 70% and operating income increased 231.5% compared to last year in the first quarter


Taiwanese media DigiTimes reports the good performance of Renesas Electronics.

Significant increase in both sales and profits

In March 2021, a fire struck a part of the N3 building at the Naka factory of Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing, a production subsidiary of Renesas Electronics, but production resumed at 9:00 am on April 17, and a fire broke out. It has recovered to the previous production capacity in 3 months.
Renesas Electronics’ sales in 2021 were 994.4 billion yen, up 38.9% from the previous year, and operating income was 296.6 billion yen.
The company’s business performance has been favorable in 2022, with sales of 344,696 million yen and operating income of 78,996 million yen in the first quarter of 2022 (January to March), the first in 2021. Compared to the quarter (January-March), they increased by 70% and 231.5%, respectively.
Source: Renesas Electronics (1), (2), (3), DigiTimes

Source: iPhone Mania

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