Apple Park’s “stage” -themed wallpaper designed by Ive is now available

apple wallpaper stage

At Apple Park, Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, there is a 25,000-piece, six-color rainbow-colored “stage” designed by former Apple Chief Design Officer Jonathan Ive. The theme dark wallpaper has been released.

Popular “stage” wallpaper released in dark version

Apple Park’s rainbow-colored “stage” was done by Ive as a finishing touch to Apple Park before he left the company, and the colorful rainbow arches add fun to the campus and help employees and lucky people visit the campus. It has become a popular shooting spot.
Basic Apple Guy, which has released many original wallpapers so far, is popular with the “stage” wallpaper released last year, and many people have asked for a dark version, so Apple Park’s “stage” dark wallpaper is recommended. We have reached the release this time.
Wallpapers are available for iPad, Mac and iPhone versions. Full resolution wallpapers are available for download from the source link.
Source: Basic Apple Guy via 9to5Mac

Source: iPhone Mania