TikTok for iOS has been updated with automatic subtitles and translated into more languages


A few months ago, I was in the waiting room of a hospital and they had a minor surgery (not serious) on my child. Since I don’t usually carry games on my iPhone, I decided to install TikTok to have a look and hang out. Blunder.

I must say I’m addicted to the damn app for noses, I even uploaded a few to please my family and friends. (I won’t reveal my account out of embarrassment). You now receive live translation on automatic subtitles y. What did I miss…

TikTok just announced today that it will expand its accessibility and translation tools in a new app update. After launching the option Subtitles 2021, the app is expanding the list of languages ​​with automatic subtitles and real-time translation features. Good news for all of us addicted to the app.

To lower language barriers and bring interesting global content to more users, TikTok is rolling out new subtitle generation and translation tools for all users in the following languages: English, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Mandarin , Spanish and Turkish.

TikTok for iOS also includes translations of video subtitles and descriptions, which will help users enjoy content on the platform beyond their original language. The app also translates the video embedded in the text for easy viewing by all users.

TikTok plans to expand these features to more users and languages ​​in the coming months. After implementing these features starting today, it may take a few days for you to receive updates to the aforementioned apps on your iPhone, obviously depending on the country you live in.