New design for Apple Watch Pro, but neither round nor flat edges

Apple Watch Explorer Edition

It seems to be confirmed that we will have a new Apple Watch this fall, with a larger screen size and more battery, and a different design according to Mark Gurman.

In a new report from Bloomberg, Mark Gurman talks about Apple’s economic situation in the coming months, and everything that’s going on in the world will complicate things, but he also has some interesting information for us: This fall One of the most anticipated products: the Apple Watch Pro. Gurman himself assured that it will be the device that generated the greatest expectations during the presentation event and will be the protagonist of the new releases this fall.

The Apple Watch Pro (name not confirmed) will be significantly larger than the current model. That will mean it won’t be a model that everyone will love, and it won’t be the best-selling model, not only because of this, but because it will be priced higher than it currently is. The screen size will be larger, 45% larger than the current Apple Watch’s 7mm. It will have a new design, the first major change since 2018, but we shouldn’t expect a round Apple Watch, nor should we Expect the rumored flat-edged design that was already there last year, and it’s back this year.

The larger size means not only an increase in the screen, but also a larger battery and greater autonomy, thanks to the “low consumption” mode, which is expected not to be exclusive to this model, but to all those shown unique. This year. . An Apple Watch that doesn’t require daily charging is something many have been waiting for since its launch, and it could be a reality this year. As for its material, it will be made of a new titanium alloy, which will make it more durable and more expensive than the current model. How much is it? We will have to wait.