Expect 5 products to switch from Lightning to USB-C, such as iPhone15

iPhone15 USB-C AH

MacRumors has put together five products, such as the iPhone 15, that are expected to switch from Lightning to USB-C for external connectivity.

Pressure to adopt USB-C terminal

Due to pressure from Europe and other countries, it is expected that Apple’s external connection terminals will have to switch from Lightning to USB-C in the future.
MacRumors anticipates when and when products will adopt USB-C.

iPhone 15 series

Analyst Minchi Kuo predicts that the external connection terminal of the 2023 model iPhone 15 series will be USB-C.
Earlier rumors said that Lightning would shift to wireless connection for both charging and data communication, and that a portless iPhone without an external connection terminal would be released, but recently it has not been heard at all.

iPad (10th generation)

The iPad (9th generation) may be the last base model of the iPad equipped with the home button and Lightning terminal.
Bloomberg reporter Mark Garman said that the iPad (10th generation) will have a USB-C external connection.
MacRumors predicts that an iPad with a USB-C port (10th generation) may be announced in September 2022.

AirPods Pro (2nd generation)

The AirPods Pro (2nd generation) charging case, which is rumored to be announced later this year, is expected to use a USB-C port.
Before the announcement of the actual product, a self-made example of a charging case equipped with a USB-C terminal was reported.

MagSafe Battery Pack and Peripherals

Ultimately, all accessories, such as the MagSafe battery pack, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Keyboard, will likely adopt a USB-C port, but there are no rumors about when to transition.
Source: MacRumors
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