Apple Pay program is compatible with Chrome, Edge and Firefox running on iOS 16


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Apple Online Store (China)


Moser’s screenshot shows that when using Edge, Apple’s checkout page has an option to “Continue with Apple Pay.” Apple Pay only works in the Safari browser on iOS 15 and earlier, and if you want to pay with Apple Pay when shopping online, you can’t use other browsers.

While Moser didn’t mention the Firefox browser, other users noticed Apple Pay’s compatibility with the browser before iOS 16 beta 4 was released. A post on Reddit earlier this month revealed an option to pay with Apple Pay when using Firefox in iOS 16 beta 2. Another user with iOS 16 beta 3 said they also have the option to pay with Apple Pay on Firefox. We’re not sure when Apple will start expanding support for Apple Pay, and which browsers are supported.


Apple Pay is still missing from the latest macOS beta, though. As Moser pointed out, this may be because Chrome, Edge, and Firefox all use Safari’s rendering engine WebKit on iOS, due to Apple requirements. Third-party browsers are free to use their own engines on macOS, so we don’t see Apple Pay support other than Safari on the Mac.

Apple’s changes to iOS may be related to the EU’s plan to crack down on anti-competitive practices by big tech companies. The Digital Markets Act will come into force in spring 2023 and impose a series of rules on big companies such as Apple, Meta and Google to promote competition with smaller entities. A draft of new legislation obtained by The Register specifically targets companies that force app developers to use their own rendering engines. While the change may suggest that Apple is at least trying to bow to the upcoming rules, it has already incurred millions in fees before complying with Dutch rules on the Dutch dating app’s in-app payment system.