New patent filed for blood pressure measurement mechanism of Apple Watch

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On August 4, 2022 local time, Apple filed a new patent for the Apple Watch blood pressure measurement mechanism with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Blood pressure measurement mechanism using liquid-filled cuff

The patent filed by Apple this time uses a liquid-filled cuff for the blood pressure measurement mechanism of Apple Watch.
Apple has also applied for a patent on a blood pressure measurement mechanism for the Apple Watch using a sensor.
It is expected that blood pressure measurement with Apple Watch will be realized in 2025.

Equipped with a blood pressure measurement mechanism in the band for Apple Watch

In the patent filed this time, a liquid-filled cuff (110) is used in the Apple Watch’s blood pressure measurement mechanism (102 in Figure 1A).
When taking a blood pressure measurement, the liquid-filled cuff (110 in Figure 1B) expands to compress the user’s artery (103).
Diastolic and systolic blood pressure is then measured while the pressure in the cuff is reduced.
Apple Watch blood pressure patent 202208

If this method is used for blood pressure measurement, it can be expected that all Apple Watches will be compatible simply by replacing it with an Apple Watch band that incorporates a blood pressure measurement mechanism.
Source: USPTO via Patently Apple
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Source: iPhone Mania

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