Non-invasive blood glucose measurement parts manufacturer rumored to be installed in Apple Watch, start trading with an unnamed company

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Gadgets & Wearables reports that Rockley Photonics, which is developing a non-invasive blood glucose sensor rumored to be installed in the Apple Watch, has won its first order.

Possibility of launching a product equipped with the company’s biosensor by the end of the year

Rockley Photonics is developing biosensors that will non-invasively measure body temperature, blood pressure, body hydration needs, alcohol levels, lactate levels, blood sugar levels, and more.
Gadgets & Wearables says Rockley Photonics’ biosensors are likely to offer a million times higher resolution and 1,000 times more accuracy than the light-emitting diodes that are commonly used today.

Concluded a supply contract with an unknown company that is not a medical device manufacturer or Apple

Gadgets & Wearables reports that Rockley Photonics signed a commercial supply contract with an unknown manufacturer, not a medical device manufacturer.
With the signing of this supply agreement, the media expects wristband or smartwatch-like devices equipped with Rockley Photonics biosensors to be commercially available by the end of 2022.

Rockley Photonics is believed to be working with medical device makers, as well as Apple, Huawei, and Withing, on biosensor development, but Gadgets & Wearables said it wasn’t the company that signed the supply deal this time. I am writing.
For that reason, Gadgets & Wearables explains that these companies are planning to integrate Rockley Photonics’ biosensor technology into their products and will not be commercialized alone.
Source: Gadgets & Wearables
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