Apple iPad 10 and M2 iPad Pro are said to be released in October

In September last year, Apple released the iPad (ninth generation), equipped with the A13 bionic chip to further improve performance and functions. Starting from 2499 yuan, it has a 10.2-inch retina display that supports original color display and a 12-megapixel supercomputer that supports the centering function of characters. Wide-angle front camera.

A year later, many netizens can’t wait to see the next-generation iPad models, but there is no evidence that Apple will launch a new iPad at the September conference.

South Korean Naver whistleblower @yeux1122 claims that Apple is currently planning to release a new low-cost iPad and a new iPad Pro at an event in October this year, the latter of which will feature an M2 chip and possibly MagSafe charging.

This whistleblower has been one of the most accurate sources of Apple’s leaks in the past, for example, he once accurately revealed the details of the iPad Air 5. In addition, he also gave details about the iPhone 14 in advance to a number of whistleblowers. However, there are also some leaks that are wrong, and the overall accuracy is extremely high.

Apple iPad 10 and M2 iPad Pro are said to be released in October

Multiple whistleblowers and media reports have recently claimed that Apple will launch the iPad 10 later this year and will remove the last 3.5mm headphone jack on iOS and iPadOS devices.

According to @yeux1122, the low-cost iPad will receive major upgrades, or even a rework, such as flat edges and a larger display, which will be launched with the new iPad Pro in October. According to Apple’s rules, the new iPhone, iPad, and Mac products will be released in multiple batches, so the reliability is high.

Apple iPad 10 and M2 iPad Pro are said to be released in October

Judging from previous revelations, the upcoming iPad 10 is expected to be equipped with an A14 Bionic chip, support 5G, use a larger display and a USB-C interface.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said Apple has already started work on its September iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 events, adding that he expects Apple to hold two events this fall, the latter of which will focus on iPad and Mac products.

Apple iPad 10 and M2 iPad Pro are said to be released in October

Apple brought the new iPad Pro in April 2021, equipped with a 12.9-inch mini LED screen and M1 chip, and the industry generally believes that Apple will bring the iPad Pro with M2 at the same time as the official release of iPadOS 16, so there is news that iPadOS 16 will launch in October, not with iOS 16.

iPadOS 16 includes more subtle improvements and features for non-M1 iPads, such as improvements to Messages, Safari, and more.

Apple iPad 10 and M2 iPad Pro are said to be released in October

The source said that the iPadOS 16 test period was criticized by some developers and users for program errors, interface confusion and incompatibility with most iPads, so staggering the release time can also allow Apple to devote more resources to the development of iOS 16. at work.

The change will also bring the release of iPadOS 16 closer to the launch of new iPad hardware. It was previously reported that the company plans to launch a new version of the iPad Pro with an M2 chip, as well as a faster entry-level iPad with a USB-C port.

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