Apple Card Launched Three Years Ago, Still Only Available in the U.S.

apple card

Three years have passed since Apple’s credit card Apple Card was deployed in the United States, but it is still available only in the United States and has not been expanded to other countries.

First expansion in Canada outside the US?

Outside the United States, the Canadian market is where the Apple Card is particularly significant. According to the Canadian Bankers Association, the iPhone has over 50% market share, with 76.2 million Visa and Mastercard cards in circulation as of January 2021.
Canada approved the Apple Card trademark last year, but Apple has yet to announce plans to roll out the card internationally.

May be introduced in the UK

Earlier this year, Apple acquired open banking startup Credit Kudos.
With the second largest number of Apple Stores in the UK after China, some speculate that the country may be the first country to introduce the Apple Card internationally.

What are Apple Card benefits?

Enabled in partnership with investment banks Goldman Sachs and Mastercard, the Apple Card can be managed in the Wallet app on iPhone and Apple Watch and features color-coded spending statements, daily cashback, and credits for new Apple purchases. Features include interest-free financing options and no fees of any kind except interest fees on overdue balances.
There is also a physical Apple Card that can be used at stores that do not support contactless payments.
Source: MacRumors
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Source: iPhone Mania