Norwegian pension fund loses 21 trillion yen as stocks such as Apple fall

Norwegian Pension Fund 1

On August 17, local time, the Norwegian Central Bank announced the performance results of pension funds from January to June 2022, and announced that a loss of more than 20 trillion yen occurred due to a global stock price decline. The sharp drop in the stock prices of tech companies such as Meta and Apple is a major factor.

Norwegian pension fund loses more than $20 trillion

According to a Norwegian pension fund release, the half-year period from January to June 2022 resulted in losses of approximately NOK 1.68 trillion (approximately ¥21.87 trillion). The return on investment is -14.4%.
It has been strongly affected by the global stock price decline that occurred in the first half of 2022, and it seems that the stock prices of Meta, which operates Facebook, and tech companies such as Amazon and Apple have dropped significantly, resulting in a large loss.
According to overseas media Reuters, the investment performance of Norwegian pension funds is about 490 billion yen for Meta, about 450 billion yen for Amazon, and about 390 billion yen for Apple. It is reported that there was a loss of more than yen.
Norwegian Pension Fund

Since the stock price recovered after July, it seems that the amount of loss has decreased now.
In February 2022, Meta’s financial results for fiscal 2021, announced in February 2022, fell short of expectations, causing its stock price to plummet by more than 20%, resulting in a loss of approximately 27 trillion yen in market capitalization.
Also, although Apple’s stock price exceeded $ 180 in January 2022, it temporarily fell to nearly $ 130 in June. After that, the stock price turned upward, and at the time of writing the article, it is hovering around $ 174.
Source: Central Bank of Norway (PDF) via Reuters

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