Should Apple postpone the implementation of “Stage Manager” on iPadOS16?

stage manager

A prominent member of the Apple community has complained about the new “Stage Manager” feature of iPadOS16 and suggested that the implementation of the feature should be delayed until next year.

Is the design decision fundamentally wrong?

Federico Vitic, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of MacStories and a prominent member of the Apple community, said of Stages Manager, “The feature is erratic and difficult to use, and user interface glitches permeate the entire experience.” I have a very critical opinion. He added, “If Stage Manager is the future of iPadOS, then please understand that Apple can’t rush it… Maybe delay it until spring 2023.” .
Stage Manager is a feature that allows users to overlap windows on the iPad and use external displays, but it is not possible to move windows from the iPad to the external display, and when connected to an external display Vitić points out two problems with the system “breaking” the app’s workspace.
However, Apple responded to the second point that it ‘works as intended’, and Mr. Vitich says this is ‘incomprehensible’. Regarding the first point, Apple replied, “We will not implement it.”

I question the claim that the M1 chip is required for the function to work

According to Apple, Stage Manager is only available on devices with the M1 chip. At the same time, it also states that the stage manager requires a minimum of 256GB of storage space for virtual memory swap.
Although it is equipped with the M1 chip, there are questions about why the iPad Air (5th generation), which has a storage capacity of only 64GB, is compatible with the stage manager, but the function will not be equipped with the M1 chip in the future. It is said that it may be possible to use it on the iPad.
Source: @viticci/Twitter via MacRumors
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