TSMC says it will start mass production at 3nm as planned in the second half of this year-M2 Pro/Max will also be produced

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TSMC has denied recent reports that the company’s 3 nanometer (nm) process technology development has been delayed and will be canceled. The company said at its annual conference that it will begin mass production later this year.

Mass production on N3 to start later this year

TSMC CEO Wei Zhejia (CCWei) mentioned the company’s 3nm process technology at the 2022 Technology Forum held in Taiwan on August 30, local time. He said that although there are problems such as a shortage of development staff, it will start mass production using the same process later this year as originally planned.
This remark seems to be in response to reports in the past few days that TSMC will cancel the 3nm process “N3” and move to the improved version “N3E”.

Mass production on N3E is in the second half of next year, N2 in 2025

TSMC has once again said that mass production on the N3 will begin later this year, and mass production on the N3E will begin later next year.
In addition, we have revealed that we plan to start mass production in 2025 for the next 2nm process using the new nanosheet architecture.

Is the M2 Pro/M2 Max produced at N3?

It was reported that TSMC will not produce the Apple silicon M2 Pro and M2 Max on the troubled N3 and will use the 5nm process, but mass production on the N3 will begin later this year as planned. If so, the M2 Pro and M2 Max could also be produced with the N3.

Source: Economic Daily via Wccftech

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