Free: Apple Watch app turns every activity into a workout

App store free logoToday’s app tip is aimed at everyone who owns an Apple Watch and also likes to use it as a fitness tracker. In contrast to Apple’s training app, the currently free “WorkOther” app (usually €1.99) for the Apple Watch can be used to turn any conceivable activity into a workout. So you can close the activity rings when mowing the lawn.

Note: We do not know how long the free campaign will continue. So it can be over at any time. That’s why you should definitely check the price again before downloading!

“WorkOther”: Create custom workouts

Although Apple’s training app has a considerable number of training types, some activities that you would like to declare as a sporty workout are not found in the ready-made list. The “WorkOther” app, which is currently available free of charge, can help, with which any activity, whether sporty or everyday, can be added as a workout on the Apple Watch. So the activity rings can then z. B. also close when vacuuming, washing dishes or gardening. Of course, classics such as push-ups or jumping jacks can also be stored as a type of training. In principle, there are no limits to the imagination.

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In the iPhone app, you still have to allow the WorkOther app access to your health data so that the training data can be transferred to the Health app and the heart rate can be recorded during the exercises. The latter is known to be crucial for fat burning.

Our opinion on the app

If you’ve ever trawled through the list of workouts in Apple’s Training app, only to find the frustration you’re looking for isn’t there, you should get the WorkOther app on your watch. This allows you to add activities to your heart’s content and also close the famous colorful rings. As mentioned, the app is currently available for free and enjoys a very good rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars in the App Store. There are no ads, in-app purchases or subscription stuff here either, so we can only recommend you to try the app for yourself.

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