Typhoon No. 14 is approaching the Japanese archipelago, so take measures with your smartphone!

Typhoon No. 14 announced by the Japan Meteorological Agency

The Japan Meteorological Agency has called for strong caution as Typhoon No. 14 is approaching the Japanese archipelago while maintaining its strength. The Japan Meteorological Agency and NHK are calling attention to check hazard maps and disaster prevention weather information, and to charge smartphones and mobile batteries.

A large and violent typhoon is approaching

The Japan Meteorological Agency announced on August 17 that a large and ferocious Typhoon No. 14 is approaching Japan, bringing unprecedented storms, high waves, storm surges and record heavy rainfall.
According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, it is likely to approach Kagoshima Prefecture on September 18 and then make landfall in northern Kyushu. In addition, it is expected to cross the Japanese archipelago from the 19th to the 20th, and it is predicted that the Kanto and Tohoku regions will also be affected.
At the time of writing the article, a special warning had been announced for a part of Kagoshima Prefecture, and according to NHK, an alert level 5 “Emergency Security Guarantee” was issued for the entire Nishinoomote City, Kagoshima Prefecture, which is located in Tanegashima.

Check disaster prevention information on your smartphone

The Japan Meteorological Agency has issued a warning to check the hazard map before heavy rain.
Hazard maps are an effective tool for considering safe evacuation routes in advance, as they allow us to grasp the possibility of flooding and the risk of landslides on a map.
It can also be viewed on the following Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism page from smartphones such as iPhones.

  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism hazard map page

In addition, the Japan Meteorological Agency is calling for people to collect information early using weather disaster prevention information “Kikikuru,” which shows the “risk level” of warnings on a map, and to evacuate before dark.

  • Meteorological Agency Kikikuru page


smartphone fully charged

NHK is calling for smartphones to be fully charged in preparation for emergency contact and disaster prevention information collection. Also, if you have a mobile battery, be sure to fully charge it in case of a power outage.
It has been pointed out that Typhoon No. 14 may create a storm with a maximum instantaneous wind speed of 75 meters per second in the Kyushu region.
NHK has released footage from the past and called for caution, saying that trucks could topple over at wind speeds of 40 meters per second, and buildings could collapse at 60 meters per second.

Source: Japan Meteorological Agency (PDF), Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Hazard Map, NHK
Photo: Japan Meteorological Agency Typhoon Information

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