A16 Bionic die photo posted ~ What is the difference from A15 Bionic?

A16 Bionic die shot_1

SkyJuice (@SkyJuice60), founder of Angstronomics, a media company specializing in the semiconductor industry, posted a photo of the A16 Bionic die and compared it with the A15 Bionic.

Confirmed difference between A16 Bionic and A15 Bionic

SkyJuice (@SkyJuice60) reported that the following differences were confirmed as a result of comparing the A16 Bionic and the A15 Bionic.

  • The A16 Bionic has a slightly larger die size than the A15 Bionic
  • High performance core (Everest) L2 cache increased from 12MB to 16MB
  • System level cache reduced from 32MB to 24MB
  • A cluster of high-efficiency cores (Sawtooth) moves
  • GPU core layout is the same

Wccftech speculates that the reason why the system level cache has decreased is part of cost reduction.
The left side of the image below is A16 Bionic, and the right side is A15 Bionic die photo.
A16 Bionic die shot_2


Source: Wccftech

Source: iPhone Mania