Apple Rejects TSMC Price Raise Request? Is it the reason for the postponement of production in the 3nm process?

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According to leaker Akira Katadahito, Apple has rejected TSMC’s request to raise the price of semiconductors for fiscal 2023.

Breakdown of price negotiations is the reason for the postponement of the start of manufacturing in the 3nm process?

It was rumored that the M2 Pro would be manufactured as the first product in TSMC’s latest process, the 3nm process “N3”, but it is highly likely that it was postponed.
As the reason why Apple silicon production in the 3 nm process “N3” was abandoned, Mr. Tejiki Katahito cited the high manufacturing cost.
Instead, it is believed that the A17 for the iPhone 15 Pro series will be manufactured using the improved 3nm process “N3E”, but if price negotiations between Apple and TSMC are difficult, the two companies will have to wait until the start of mass production. negotiations are expected to continue.
After Apple starts manufacturing A17 with N3E, it is expected that other Apple silicon manufacturing such as M3 will also move to the same process.
Source: Hand Machine Akira Katadajin/Weibo
Photo: Apple Hub/Facebook

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