Chinese companies and US lawmakers are strongly wary of supplying NAND memory for iPhone 14


Several US senators have criticized the addition of a new Chinese state-owned company as a supplier of 3D NAND memory chips for the iPhone 14, citing weakened national power and security concerns.

First Chinese company in the NAND memory field

The 3D NAND memory chip that is also installed in the iPhone 14 is being considered for supply from Chinese state-owned company Yangtze Memory Technologies (YMTC), and trends have been reported several times.
NAND memory is currently supplied by South Korea’s Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix as well as Japan’s Kioxia and US’s Micron as suppliers, making it the first Chinese company to join the list.

Be wary of ties to the Chinese Communist Party

However, there are many people who are wary of it.
Several U.S. senators have jointly released a letter to the Director of National Intelligence, warning that the YMTC has “often opaque ties to the Chinese Communist Party” and could raise serious privacy and security concerns. did.
He also described the partnership between Apple and the YMTC as “affirming and affirming China’s distorted and unfair trade rules, creating enormous advantages for Chinese companies at the expense of foreign competitors, and promoting US companies internationally.” It will weaken it,” he criticized.
However, according to Apple, YMTC’s NAND memory is used only for some iPhone 14 sold in China, and there is no intention to adopt it for devices sold in other regions. is.
Source: Nikkei Asia

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