Do you like this iOS 14 concept design?

New icons, component calls, lock screens, support for multiple accounts and more.

Although it’s less than half a year since Apple introduced iOS 13, there are already conceptual designers who have made a concept video of iOS 14 based on the expectations of the fruit powder for the next generation of iOS systems, and some of them have already been very popular. Features, such as component call notifications, icons can be placed freely, and so on. In this iOS 14 concept video, the author first introduced a system icon with a new design, which uses a relatively low color scheme, and individual icons have also undergone major changes. Followed by the component call notification, compared to the full-screen call notification UI currently used by iOS 13, the part-based call notifications displayed in this iOS 14 concept video are more “elegant”. Then, the author also showed the iOS’s own keyboard input GIF emoticon package, some similar to Google Gboard’s GIF emoticon package feature. The “side pull” and “drag and drop” functions on iPadOS have also been copied into the iOS 14 concept video. Finally, the multi-account feature, the lock screen is always on, and the launch app is also available in the iOS 14 concept video. It is worth mentioning that the previous Korean website The Elec said that Apple plans to use a low-power panel technology called LTPO in the future iPhone. This new process combines the advantages of LTPS TFT process drive capability and Oxde TFT process leakage and low power consumption. It is used by Apple in the Apple Watch Series 5 model. It is with this technology that Series 5 does the screen often. It has the same battery life as the Series 4 for up to 18 hours. And if the iPhone uses this technology, the lock screen’s always-on function is not without the possibility of coming.









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