Table of Contents

  • 1 The first impression
  • 2 operation
  • 3 Alexa voice control
  • 4 sound
  • 5 battery life
  • 6 conclusion

The first impression

Visually, the blast and the Megablast are an absolute eye-catcher, without attracting too much attention. Both speakers are high-quality processed and coated with a rubberized plastic. The protective layer guarantees that no dust can penetrate and they are watertight to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. The Blast and Megablast can also provide you with your favorite music at the pool, in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Another advantage of the speakers is the great variety of colors. Both devices are available in six trend colors each, so that every taste should find its favorite color.

Thanks to a height of just 19cm and a diameter of almost 7cm, the Blast is very handy and can be transported in any bag. Significantly heavier, however, is the megabast with a height of about 24cm and a diameter of almost 9cm. It is particularly suitable for use in fixed places such as in the home or in the office.

Source: iPhone Tricks