Set up third-party blocker: protection against subscriptions & rip-offs

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  • 1 rip off by WAP billing
  • 2 Set up a third party lock

Rip off by WAP billing

Every iPhone user knows the situation. You are surfing the internet and suddenly you are offered cheap mobile games or ringtones. Have you ever typed on such a link, this turns out to be usually paid subscription. The amount will be automatically added to your smartphone bill each month or deducted from your prepaid balance. This is also called WAP Billing. The form of payment offers the advantage that small amounts, for example for movie tickets or parking tickets, can be paid for very easily with the smartphone. WAP billing, however, is often exploited by dubious websites for rip-off offers.

Set up third party lock

To protect yourself from such cost traps, you can request a third-party lock from your mobile service provider. Just call the respective customer hotline and request a third-party block for your mobile connection. Your provider is legally required since 2012 to set up this at your request for free. Once the lock is active, no paid subscriptions can be completed. If you still want to pay by WAP billing, the lock on your telephone provider can also be disabled again.

A third-party lock can be particularly helpful to children or users who are poorly familiar with their smartphone. Thanks to this fee-based subscriptions can not be completed easily and smartphone users are protected from expensive additional services.

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