7th generation iPad, up to $ 100 discount on US Black Friday sale

7th generation iPad Target

In the US, an annual sale was held on November 29th Black Friday, and Apple products were also sold at discounted prices. In particular, the 7th generation iPad, which was just released in the fall, started a discount battle between major retailers before Black Friday, and was sold at a discount of up to $ 100 during the sale period.

First Amazon sets up

In the past, it was customary to shop at a physical store on Black Friday and to shop online on the Monday of the week (Cyber ​​Monday). However, in recent years, online sales have already started on Black Friday.

On this year's Black Friday, the author who was thinking of purchasing a 7th generation iPad was checking multiple sites. Major discount store Target has been advertising Black Friday online since mid-November. The 10.2 inch iPad (Wi-Fi model, 32GB) was advertised at $ 249.99, a $ 80 discount.

After that, the major electronics retailer Best Buy and the major discount store Walmart have also advertised as black Friday's highlights at $ 249.99.

However, a few days before Black Friday, Amazon started selling the 7th generation iPad by reducing the price to 249.99. It ’s not a target, Walmart, or Best Buy.

Target competes for another $ 20 discount

Here is Target. On the day of Black Friday, the original price was reduced by $ 20 and sold for $ 229.99. Compared to the original price, it looks like a discount of $ 100.

Then, Amazon responded to this movement quickly, and it was also adjusted to $ 229.99.

However, Target continues to sell 7th generation iPads for today's (December 2) Cyber ​​Monday for $ 229.99, but Amazon has returned to $ 249.99 again on December 1 local time.

Apple offers a special offer up to 2 December local time, offering a gift card of up to $ 200 depending on the product purchased. By the way, 7th generation iPads are not eligible for gift cards.

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Source: iPhone Mania

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