Tech companies such as Apple should consult how automatic calls to emergency calls should be handled

Tech companies such as Apple have given mobile devices the ability to make emergency calls automatically, but it is necessary to consult how emergency calls should be handled by emergency centers The European Emergency Number Association (EENA), an NGO about European emergency telephone numbers, is calling attention.

There were cases where no one was the source of the emergency message

EENA is an official Twitter account that tweeted about a case that happened in Germany in April this year, when automatic device phone calls saved women's lives.

In April this year, an 80-year-old woman in Germany fell when she was alone at home. The watch worn by the woman detected a fall and automatically called an emergency call, which led to lifesaving.

On the other hand, EENA also introduced a case where no one was found at the source of emergency calls that were automatically made.

In November this year, an emergency center in Spain dispatched members to the site based on an emergency message containing location information that was sent automatically. However, when they arrived, there was no one in the place.

There was one thing that did not leave the heads of the members. What if something actually happened and the information sent was wrong? What if someone was actually waiting for help?

EENA announces statement

EENA has issued a statement on the handling of automatic calls to emergency calls signed by emergency centers in 24 countries, mainly in Europe.

According to EENA, the emergency alarms in each country, combined with the malfunction of the device's emergency alarm, are unable to handle emergency messages sent from mobile devices.

Occasionally, an emergency message may be sent if the user is in a dangerous situation from an app in a foreign language, and the emergency center does not know how to respond even though the citizen is in danger The situation is said to be happening.

EENA continues that this situation can compromise the credibility of tech companies and products and endanger user safety.

EENA encourages tech companies, including Apple, to consult about emergency calls and message handling.

Source: EENA via 9to5Mac
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