Table of Contents:

  1. Dial emergency call with Siri
  2. Make Siri listen
  3. Request money and send with PayPal
  4. Announce the name of the caller
  5. Have WhatsApp messages announced
  6. Writing instead of talking
  7. Take photos or selfies
  8. Male and female voice set
  9. To teach pronunciation of names
  10. Open apps faster

1. Dial emergency call with Siri

Only very few people know that Siri can be asked for help in an emergency. Open Siri – either via the "Hey Siri" command or by pressing the Home key – and then speak the following or a similar command: "Emergency Call". Siri gives you 5 seconds to stop the emergency call. Then you will be automatically connected to the rescue center.

Make an emergency call with Siri

The emergency call function should under no circumstances be abused! Only use this function if you really need help! Abuse is punishable.

2. Force Siri to listen

Siri starts you too slowly? Then Siri forces you to listen right at the start! Press the Home button and start speaking immediately. You do not have to wait for the Siri animation to appear on the screen. Release the Home button to stop the voice input. Siri now evaluates what you said to give you a hopefully satisfactory answer.

Make Siri listen

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